New venture, new website

It may not look like it, but we’ve been working hard.  We’ve started a commercial venture called Business Casual Software.  We’re developing custom and semi-custom iOS and Android apps.  Our first app is already out – check out the Brewing Co. app!

We’ve developed a framework that we think will work nicely for musicians and event planners.  Have a look at our website and see for yourself.

In the meantime, spinfo dot info will continue to feature apps we develop just for fun.  In fact, we’re reconsidering (yet again) whether we want to tackle RoboWar.  Written as a Cocos2d game, it might just be doable.  Don’t bother us, we’re . . . thinking.


*** UPDATE *** As of February 2013, all our iOS and Android apps will be permanently featured here on spinfo dot info. will be used exclusively for software development topics and to support our terrain database support applications.  The business side of the business!  The fun all stays here.

We’ve (retroactively) added our third app to this site – The Brewing Co. app.  Check it out!

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