Morse Trainer 2.0 is coming!



That’s right, I submitted Morse Trainer 2.0 this evening.  It’s finally a Universal app (iPhone and iPad, as seen above!), has Retina-compatible graphics, and will fit on your iPhone 5.  Just what my many satisfied users have been clamoring for.  And it’s absolutely free.  No advertising, no in-app purchases.  Free.

Watch this space for its release date.

2 Responses to “Morse Trainer 2.0 is coming!”

  1. Jim Says:

    How abt fixing it so it rotates. I have a Zagg keyboard attached, so the program appears sideways. My head will only tilt abt 45º.


  2. Michael Says:

    That’s a great idea! It’s certainly not difficult to add – just never thought anyone would be interested in using the app in that orientation. I’ll get that change into the hopper.

    Thanks for using the app!

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