Backing away from Facebook and Twitter

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16th, 2018 by michael

Like many people recently, I have grown increasingly – shall we say – bored with Facebook. I don’t think it rises to the level of disgust; I’m just bored. It’s reached the point, though, where I don’t really even want to look at it anymore. There are so many more fulfilling things to read. So I just deleted it from my handheld devices. I got rid of Twitter while I was at it, although I have never been a Twitter user anyway. When I want to look either of them – which may turn out to be more often than I think – I can use a browser.

I didn’t make any Grand Announcement on either platform. I’m just kind of fading away. Joanne will still be a regular Facebook reader, so I’m sure she’ll share important events with me.

Just so people at The Facebook Company don’t worry too much about their revenue stream, I’ve kept Instagram on my devices and it still cross-posts all my content to Facebook. So family and friends will still be able to ooh and aah over all my adorable selfies. You’re welcome.

UPDATE A FEW DAYS LATER – I downloaded Facebook again. I still don’t miss Twitter at all.